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Sixth form London Herts / Bucks

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notquiteruralbliss Tue 26-Sep-17 10:02:47

I'm looking for a state sixth form in London / Herts / Bucks that would suit bright, quirky DD who loves art and maths. Needs to be academic but not to have too much in the way of dress codes etc.

Mary21 Wed 27-Sep-17 17:53:39

Mill Hill County High, Fortismere, St Dominic's Harrow
At bit old but might be useful

NotSureIfiAmWell Wed 27-Sep-17 18:08:39

Parmiters in Hertfordshire?

NotSureIfiAmWell Wed 27-Sep-17 18:08:49

Parmiters in Hertfordshire?

evenstrangerthings Wed 27-Sep-17 20:28:07

Kings Maths School in Waterloo/Lambeth North if your DD is happy to do Maths, FM and Physics A-Levels plus either Econ or Comp Sci AS and only do art outside school.

BubblesBuddy Thu 05-Oct-17 17:16:33

Bucks has lots of grammar school 6th forms. Non uniform is the norm.

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Thu 05-Oct-17 19:23:39

Beaconsfield High School ticks all your boxes. Except may not be in right area for getting there esch day

notquiteruralbliss Fri 06-Oct-17 19:59:29

Thanks all. DD is trying to escape the Bucks grammars (including her current school which she thinks is going to feel a bit suffocating at 6th form) without compromising on the academics. Kings Maths school looks more like what she's looking for (though she would probably follow it up with an art foundation course and then decide which direction she wanted to go in). Ironically, it is easier for her to travel into inner London than to the suburbs. Are there 6th form colleges she should consider (other than CANDI)?

notquiteruralbliss Fri 06-Oct-17 20:03:17

@Dollydaydreamer - I don't know much about Beaconsfield High. Is it very different to DCGS, CGS etc?

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Sat 07-Oct-17 13:02:09

My dd is at Beaconsfield High. Just moved into 6th form. She is just an average girl and has always been happy here. It seems to accomodate the very academic well but also the not so. They have really good results in maths and the sciences. They are big into sports such at netball, hockey etc. But also really good drama dance and music provision. Friend of older dd just left to do fashion design degree after doing really well in textiles. Sorry dont have an opinion of the other 2 grammars

BubblesBuddy Sat 07-Oct-17 18:57:45

No. It is not much different to DrCHS but is a bit different to Chesham for fairly obvious reasons. It is also full of high achieving girls, more or less! If you are already in Bucks you know what the options are. You could look at Sir Henry Floyd in Aylesbury which is traditionally more arty, but if you want to escape Bucks Grammars then look at the comps in nearby towns, e.g. Berkhamsted or Chorleywood or Rickmansworth for example.

notquiteruralbliss Mon 09-Oct-17 07:48:22

Thanks all. We've looked at all the Bucks grammars and none (with the possible exception of DCGS which now has a few girls in 6th form) are really what DD is looking for. They are good schools but don't seem to deal well with DCs who aren't comfortable with heavy handed behaviour management. DDs older sister had a miserable 2 years in the 6th form at her current school and we don't want the same to happen to DD. The just across the borders comps that we know off seem similar to the grammars (which I guess are their main competition). Her ideal would be CANDI or Camden School for girls without the commute. I think she's going to have to decide whether she Is prepared to travel into London to get what she wants or grit her teeth and go to one of the grammars!!

BubblesBuddy Mon 09-Oct-17 16:25:21

There are more laissez faire independent schools. Could you afford that for 2 years?

BubblesBuddy Mon 09-Oct-17 16:26:48

I never saw Chesham or Sir Henry Floyd as heavy handed! Not from the children I know who went there anyway! You can never do what you want anywhere!

notquiteruralbliss Mon 09-Oct-17 18:50:25

Neither did I bubbles. It's why we chose it for our younger 2 DCs. It was always the more relaxed option in our area (as was Floyd in its catchment) but it has changed significantly over the past few years. We could afford independent, but really don't want to go down that route. And it's not that DD wants to do anything particularly outrageous. She just wants the ability to dress in a way that she finds comfortable and a different relationship with her subject tutors.

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