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Leonardo44 Wed 24-May-17 12:21:37

I'm looking to do a degree in social work within the next couple of years. I will need to do some type of access course but I work full time and as far as I'm aware you don't get student loan for these?

That leaves me with distance learning, I been looking at a-levels (openstudy) and the OU. I've heard that exams can be quite hard to book yourself as they think people doing distance learning are less likely to be reliable? I'm not sure how true this is.

If I go with the OU I would probably do a foundation degree or diploma in health&social care. They both take 2 years, I'm not sure what the difference is tbh confused. I would also need to use student finance, I know you generally only get funded for 1 form of higher education so I want to make sure this wouldn't ruin my chances of getting student loan for my social work degree (I would need the full loan with living costs). With the a-levels I'd pay myself through finance so that wouldn't be an issue.

Can someone help me clear things up a bit? confused

titchy Wed 24-May-17 20:29:22

Can you do a part time Access course? Fees for Access courses are payable from a learning loan which is then cancelled as long as you enter higher education.

Whiskwarrior Wed 24-May-17 20:30:42

Access fees are wiped IF you complete your degee at Uni.

Just finishing my Access course now.

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