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Disability, funding

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CeciledeVolanges Mon 17-Apr-17 18:37:57

Hi everyone! I hope you don't mind me asking a question. I've been accepted for a further education course next year and I've been wondering if I should apply for disability-related funding or if it would be wrong/pointless. I currently work full time but I do have MH problems which do have an impact on my day to day life - I find it hard to concentrate, get tired easily, and often find social situations difficult especially if they involve food, I also have panic attacks occasionally and anxiety. Physically I have IBS, recurring severe anaemia, acid reflux, and osteoporosis, so I do have problems which impact on my day to day life but it is hard to point to particular sources of expenditure or specific reasonable adjustments that could be made beyond having someone keep an eye on me. Honestly, and this feels awful, if I had a grant it would mean I would have to work less overtime before starting the course and could get some rest, and it would help with prescription and travel costs to appointments. If anyone has any experience, opinion or advice to offer, I would be really grateful to hear it, or if you just don't think I'm disabled (these things do impact on my life significantly but I still work and get about) and want to insult me or something that's OK too. Thanks in advance.

HSMMaCM Mon 24-Apr-17 12:06:39

If you are applying for finance, you can also apply for a disabled student allowance. Mental health is included in this. You will need to attend an assessment before they decide what they can offer.

Catht88 Thu 25-May-17 01:10:29

You've done really well. I suffer from panic attacks and ibs and have found people less than understanding. The ibs also affects every aspect of my life.

hellokittymania Thu 25-May-17 01:15:08

Cath, I can't get disabled student allowance because I haven't met the three-year residency requirement for the UK. I have found ways to manage, but I had to fight for them. To accommodate my needs.

I can't imagine having an invisible disability or mental health issues. I have a visible disability and still had trouble. So I sympathize with you.

GoldilocksAndTheThreePears Thu 25-May-17 01:19:49

It may be possible to apply for PIP, which is a non-means tested disability benefit for people who's mental or physical disabilities impact them day to day. It's not easy to get, there is a medical but it doesn't mean you cant work like with ESA. The site benefits and works lists the points-based list the assessor goes from so it may be worth looking and seeing how many of the criteria you fall under and seeing. That's not one to do with studying just in general.

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