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2 'A' level equiv BTEC in digital media + 'A' level Graphic Design...then what? <long!>

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Draylon Thu 13-Apr-17 13:30:41

DS2, Y11 is predicted in his GCSEs:

Maths 8
A for Geog, Commercial Art, Core & Additional Science
Eng Lang and Lit 6
Business and MFL B

These may be a bit ambitious, but he is revising well and has performed consistently.

He's lined up to do a Level 3 (i.e 2 A level equivalent) BTEC in "Media: (Creative Digital Technology)", plus a Graphic Design A level; and poss another AS, maybe Geog.

Now. This is what I see as being the problem.

Where will this lead him that will pay the bills?

I am aware that Britain in the past has been long associated with art and creativity, but, to my mind, very few people are actually making money out of it; and even this is dropping away as the harsh financial realities of post-Brexit life are biting.

DS2 likes his art, seems quite good at it, but, imo, isn't passionate about it. He rarely takes photos for fun, and would rather 'game' than 'create' when online.

The crux of the matter is, if he achieves his predicteds, I think he should do more academic stuff at sixth form and leave his creativity as a hobby, which he can always build on, later.

Maybe keep the Graphic Design, but couple it with maybe Geography? I'd be more relaxed if he was doing something 'Business' related, or computing (which he has no interest in, sadly. Being able to code would increase his creative career options significantly, imo). And English really is his Achilles heel; I think the '6's are very ambitious, seeing as he got a 4 in his mock Lang!

I know I am sounding like my dad when he used to say 'Get a paying qualification under your belt, first', but there is some truth in it, no?

But I am ever mindful of that old joke, "What did the Arts graduate say to the Science graduate?"- "Do you want fries with that?"

And no, it's not snobbery (I have an Art A level, but also have a HCP degree) it's reality. I know people will say 'But he'll do far better in what he wants to do", but even then, I'd say 'I'm not sure he really knows what he wants to do'.

As it is, we got a letter from the college yesterday asking him to consider which of the 3 BTEC options he wants to take:

Media: (Creative Digital Technologies), being his current choice; or

Media: (Media production) , with two pathway options, being
1- Digital Media Design Pathway (which sounds a lot like the above BTEC, doesn't it??) or
2- Video and Moving Image Production pathway.

He really doesn't have a clue which one! But, although I worry whether any will lead to a sensibly paid career, I wonder if one option is way more obvious than the others?

What would you advise?

lacebell10 Tue 18-Apr-17 04:09:57

The best is that he enjoys the units offered and which he's prepared to get down to work in. If he doesn't like working in groups he needs to look at how many require group work. The first sounds more general tech maybe including game production; second might be more journalist /advert creating / use of media ; third is making films/ story boards/ stop motion film and animations.
Howe very there are so many units the college can choose with each pathway that he needs to ask which were offered this year and what the likely options are going to be offered next. Then see which he fancies.
Depending on units jobs like advertising, journalist , Web designer (with graphic design alongside it) marketing strategy,

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