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Can I finish an nvq early?

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smileyhappypeople Thu 30-Mar-17 09:39:39

I am doing a level 3 nvq through my work in a job I've been doing for years.
I've decided I want to go on to do my cert Ed but I will need my level 3 to get on the course.... problem is that my nvq will run until December and the cert Ed starts in September....
So can I finish my nvq before the year is up? My assessor says no but I suspect it's that they don't want me to because of funding not necessarily that I can't by 'law' if you get me??

Southlondoner109 Thu 30-Mar-17 18:03:51

If it's an apprenticeship then it will be finding and a requirement that you have sufficient work hours. So if you applied for the job as an apprentice they could say that. As you are already employed then I'm sure it's just a finding Could contact the awarding body ans complain as they will be awarding your certificate.

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