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Hnc Childcare course personal statement

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Jayceon1888 Wed 22-Mar-17 14:22:27

Hi there I'm 28 and i am in the process of applying for a college childcare course and it has just asked me for a personal statement, maximum 2000 words. Now I'm stuck lol. I don't feel as though i have a lot to write about. I left school at 18 with 4 B's, worked in WhSmith for 2 years, went to college to study health and fitness but hated it so i left. I then went on to work in an off sales for 18 months until my son was born 8 years ago, i now have a 4 year old daughter too. The only experience i have gained over the last 8 years is "life experience" I just don't know where to start and i'm worried that it won't be good enough...any ideas anyone confused

DancingLedge Wed 22-Mar-17 16:57:42

Hi Jay
Bear in mind I have no knowledge of childcare courses

Generally, a personal statement is your chance to say why they should give you a place.
Ask yourself questions: what relevant experience- obviously loads, being a DM - don't forget this is a huge amount of valuable experience
Any other experience? eg looking after other children, playing some sort of role at a toddler group, etc
Interest in child development? Which bit of your children's development did you find most interesting?
Any experience child SN?
What do you see this course leading to for you?

What qualities do you have that are a good fit? -I'm guessing at patience, cheerfulness, enjoyment of children, good in a team, calm, ( I don't know what else would be a good idea here.)

Then , so that you're not just writing lists, which are boring to read, try to put the qualities and experience together.
eg, "whilst working in x and y, I enjoyed being a member of a team, and and having positive interactions with the public."
"Bringing up two children I have found that I not only enjoy children's company and activities, but also can be flexible , think on my feet, and respond calmly to behaviour."

Don't worry if you feel uncomfortable coming up with the wonderful qualities you have: this is the effect writing these things has on most of us.
Good luck.

Jayceon1888 Tue 28-Mar-17 20:51:50

Hi thank u so much for your reply, such wonderful ideas it all makes so much more sense in my head now. I was really struggling as i didn't know where to start thanks so much. I'll probably ramble on and on now and have to narrow it down to 2000 words lol. Thanks again!!

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