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I need some advice related to SVQ Training Provider

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JessieDoops Thu 26-Jan-17 23:23:51

I'm looking for some advice please, although I have been on MN for a while, I am not a regular poster, more a lurker, so forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place..... BUT.... Deep breath

I am in Scotland working in a child care establishment completing an SVQ level four, well I already completed a lever four (or so I thought) until SSSC told me I needed to complete a further two units, which is fine. So I was told April 2016 that I had one year to complete two units (plenty of time) my work set me up with a training provider, two in fact, but both fell through. So I suggested to my boss that I return to my original training provider who I completed the rest of the SVQ with, however they are refusing, but not giving me a real reason. I obviously don't have long left and must have it submitted by the end of February. Does anyone know if I am within my rights to ignore them and go with my chosen training provider? Please help

Sorry for the length, I just needed to explain. Surely someone out there knows the answers...

prettybird Sun 29-Jan-17 10:47:24

Not sure this topic will get much traffic from Scots. Why not try posting in Scotsnet?

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