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Step Daughter Not Going To College

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jools70 Wed 25-Jan-17 17:40:37

Can I get some advice.

SD lives with mum, my dh and I have been a big part of her life and she has stayed every weekend since the age of 4.

SD is doing her second year of A Levels and has started playing truant, she now is at 75% attendance and the college is threatening to kick her out.
DH is seeing the form tutor on Monday next week to discuss the situation.
We have spoken to SD and she says she wants to stay and we have stressed how important this last year is.
Has anyone gone through this if so any advice you can give?

Thanks all,
Concerned Step Mother

titchy Wed 25-Jan-17 17:44:46

Well she can't have more than a few weeks left surely, she'll be on study leave soon. Does she have any university offers or post A level plans? Is she struggling academically?

chocolateworshipper Fri 27-Jan-17 09:10:25

I haven't been through it, so not offering advice based on experience.
Obviously it is hard to make decisions before you see what the college are prepared to offer, but it's worth discussing what she would like to happen. Perhaps if she is prepared to make commitments about her attendance, and about spending a certain amount of time in college over her timetable they would let her continue? Has she had mocks recently? If her grades are looking good even though her attendance is low, perhaps they will be more likely to let her stay. If mocks are coming up, perhaps they would let her stay until they see the results? Another option may be to repeat her second year - lots of people do 3 years at college. If she is doing 4 subjects, it is probably worth thinking about going down to 3.
Obviously also look at the reasons for truancy - is she depressed / anxious. Do the college offer counselling?
Good luck

Anothermoomin Fri 27-Jan-17 09:14:03

If she wants to stay she has to attend, simple as that.
I doubt the college will throw her out straight away, she will probably be given time to improve.
I would doubt the college would let her do the year again if her attendance is at 75%.
She has some serious decisions to make.

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