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How hard is an OU Degree? DSA?

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Ehlana Sun 08-Jan-17 18:33:00

I have my six GCSEs and L2/L3 NVQs in IT. Last qualification achieved in 2000. I contributed to two books in an IT field that sold well and technical reviewer for 10 or so books for a major publisher.

I also had a high paying prominent job in IT.

I've been disabled ever since, unable to work and bedbound.

I've signed up for an IT degree with the Open University. It's due to start at the end of the month, yet whilst excited I'm filled with fear and trepidation. What if my knowledge gleaned 17 years ago is no longer relevant? I've kept up with developments but written very little code in my field.

I believe I'd be entitled to a DSA but have no idea of the criteria, or what kind of things to ask for. A laptop, would have to be a Mac really given the field, would be fabulous. Can this be awarded?

I'm just stuck and have nowhere else to turn to?! How hard is an OU degree in IT? I've also considered an Open Degree but not sure if there is validity in doing so, more a case of the fear setting in. Would take the full six years, have zero interest in an access course - they are too broad in subject matte.

Thanks for any responses, will x-post in Chat.

HSMMaCM Mon 09-Jan-17 13:56:32

Ask open university if they have any disability support. They did give me some extra support.

LIZS Mon 09-Jan-17 14:00:21

You apply for dsa through student finance. You then have a needs assessment to determine what adjustments and equipment are relevant. Iirc cost of laptops is limited and if you already have one you can't claim another.

user1484226561 Thu 12-Jan-17 15:27:51

OU degrees are very hard, and worth a lot. But you wouldn't have been accepted if you were not going to be capable of it. The OU has a lot of support available, both course specific and general

FrancisCrawford Thu 12-Jan-17 15:30:26

DD is dyslexic and at uni. Her laptop is provided as part of her disability assessment. She also gets a special chair for a physical disability
We are in Scotland

Ehlana Sat 14-Jan-17 23:10:07

Thanks, have spoken to them, have a DSA pack on the way.

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