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Could anyone recommend a good distance learning college?

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ColletteMc Wed 28-Dec-16 21:53:02


I was thinking of undertaking some extra qualifications in science like chemistry or biology and was wondering if anyone knew a good DL program that would get me a good or at least recognized qualification

catslife Thu 29-Dec-16 11:03:06

What type of qualification do you have in mind? The main difficulty with Science subjects is the practical element of the course for GCSE and A level. Even though practical work no longer counts towards the final grade in the new specifications, it is graded separately and you may be disdvantaged without it as there are related questions on the written papers.
iGCSEs tend to work better for distance learning as they are less dependent on practical work (there is a written alternative to practical paper).
Would suggest Oxford home learning learning for iGCSE/A level.
Alternatively to A level may be an OU Science foundation course.

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