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Distance Learning provider saying I have to attend course sessions - help!

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SnowInNovember Tue 20-Dec-16 15:02:49

I'm currently studying for a Diploma via a distance learning programme. Before I enrolled in Feb this year, I was told over the phone that I could skype in on sessions etc and would not need to attend anything as the college is based literally at the other end of the country to me.

I've just been told I need to attend 3 sessions that are mandatory. Not only this but I also have to pay over £100 for each session. For me to attend these, it would mean 3 days away from home - 1 day of travelling there, a day at the course, and a day to travel back. I'm 7 months pregnant and the deadline is the end of July - so this is impossible!

I've been given the option to defer for a year for a fee. They won't let me skype in on the sessions after all as they said I have to physically attend as it is a course requirement. Apart from the hefty cost of travelling plus 2 nights' accommodation, I just can't see me being able to be away from my baby for 3 days for 3 consecutive months - the sessions aren't even all together, I'd have to do this 3 day trip every month for 3 months. I was reassured that I could skype in and would have no additional costs when I enrolled, but don't have this in writing as I spoke to someone on the phone.

I simply can't afford this financially and am unsure whether I'll have the time to go and do the sessions. Completing the coursework isn't an issue, I've almost finished that part. If I drop out, I lose my money for the whole course and it's cost me around £2500 so far. Has anyone got any advice on what I should do? The reason I chose to study with the particular college in the first place because it's distance learning and there was no requirement (as far as I knew) to physically attend anything!

lacebell10 Sat 24-Dec-16 07:31:37

Read all the course info you have prior to the enrolment and make sure you have not missed anything. Then read what you were given at enrollment. If no mention then write a strong letter including threats of trading standard and ofsted. Are they a reputable college? Why do you need to be there, is it for lab work or practical assessment?

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