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Financial studies course by IFS University College

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Florence37 Tue 27-Sep-16 23:28:06

My DD started sixth form 3 weeks ago and three of her courses have got off to a good start, textbooks and course spec given out first week, plenty of work done and lots of homework completed.

Her fourth subject is a financial studies course by IFS University College, it is a one year course for a Certificate in Financial Studies which is supposed to be equivalent to AS Level. So far, she has no textbook, no homework, teacher tells them to listen and not to make notes and the only paperwork in her folder is a few basic tick sheets. DD doesn't understand it and I cannot help her because I can't buy a textbook.

DD doesn't want me to contact school yet, so if any of you have DC doing this course please let me know how they're doing.

Horsemad Sat 15-Oct-16 22:22:12

I think my DS is doing this, will check and let you know.

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