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State 6th forms in central London - recommendations?

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Chocrock Tue 13-Sep-16 13:21:54

Can anyone recommend co-ed state 6th forms in central London.
So far we have a list of 2:
St Marylebone
Holland park High
Does anyone know more about these 2 schools or have any more suggestions?

maryso Wed 14-Sep-16 15:25:43

This site lists every school; I've taken the liberty of narrowing it down to "W2 plus 5 miles" based on "W2" being roughly in between the two schools you've listed, "5 miles" being doable by London transport. It has various filters you can re-apply to suit.

As to how good they are, one trend I hear of increasingly is that popular state schools are raising their sixth form entry grades from the typical B to A.
For example, St Marylebone appears to have slightly higher thresholds for some subjects than say Grey Coat Hospital, arguably a similar school... likewise Camden sets thresholds in excess of super selectives and independents in some subjects, but has arguably no more value-added than the very similar LaSWAP schools who have a wider range of entry criteria, and therefore lower outcomes...
Newer schools with less track record may also be tempted to raise the entry bar to increase the likelihood of higher results.
Co-ed state sixth forms in central London also offer a respite from fees, especially for boys, so the more "popular" ones may be tempted to set higher entry thresholds.

Raising the entry bar will certainly reduce the value-added needed to achieve slightly higher outcomes than lower entry schools. I always judge that if an entry grade is A at GCSE, anything less than A* at A level means the school is doing less well for its students than a B entry school that delivers B+ at A level. Most of the more effective fee-paying senior schools would have to work with that expectation.

Ultimately, there is no replacement for judging a place on a real life visit. What matters to one may not to another, and you only get one good guess with DC's two years. That may not be the same school that's ideal for someone else's DC.

hardheadedwoman Wed 14-Sep-16 15:41:16

At Marylebone very good for girls - boys enter the 6th form. I got the impression from my visit that the boys were pretty drippy. Not a good fit for a 'boys boy' footy type.

Chocrock Thu 15-Sep-16 11:27:39

Thanks Maryso, you got it spot on I live in W2! I will have a good look at the list. Camden, Marylebone, grey coats and holland park are favourites. Though I am concerned about the girl/boy ratio at the first 3 as they are girls schools until sixth form.

Thats interesting hard, I am concerned about how a small number of boys fit into a girls school. My DS is more the skate type probably in between drippy and footy type, although I'm not sure how you define drippy?!

hardheadedwoman Fri 16-Sep-16 12:18:35

By drippy I mean sensitive Justin Beiber lookalikes. There's a skate board park right next to CSG. My DS was offered a place at CSG - from the 6th form open evening it looked v impressive and seemed to have a wider range of boys. They only allow them to do 3 A levels there though, not sure why.

At Marylebone there was a clear emphasis on girls - talk of Head Girl, girl's footy club, feminist Club etc - all great but no equivalents mentioned for boys, he didn't like it. (And yes I know he can join the feminist club before anyone points it out!)

evenstrangerthings Sat 24-Sep-16 12:28:18

These 2 newish schools have had great results of late:

King's College London Maths School (only offers Maths/FM, Physics and Economy/Comp Sci A-Level)
Harris Westminster

But there are these even newer ones too -

Westminster academy - IB not A-Levels
Harris Central Sixth Form
West London Free school
Kensington Aldridge

Chocrock Mon 26-Sep-16 13:35:58

Thank you even. we have registered at Harris Westminster, Kings College sounds great but DS isn't interested in science at all.
I will look at the others you have suggested smile

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