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Anyone know anything about the STEP Maths test?

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GrumpyOldBag Sat 10-Sep-16 17:57:06

DS just started 2nd year A-Levels. Wants to read Maths at Uni in 2017 & some of the places he is going for require the STEP Maths test.

DH has looked it up and thinks it is too late for him to do it now. I.E. he has missed the exam. But I think surely not, the dates he was looking at (June 2016) must have been for people about to enter Uni now, this Autumn.

Can anyone clarify please?


HeyBells Sun 11-Sep-16 12:13:05

Pretty sure my DN took STEP papers at the same time as A2s. I think some uni offers for maths include STEP. If your school don't offer it there is support online. Look at the Cambridge Uni website for details I can't remember!

PacificOcean Sun 11-Sep-16 12:14:23

I sat STEP maths in my final year of A Levels, so I think you're right.

sablepoot Sun 11-Sep-16 22:39:32

STEP papers are a lot harder than A level maths and are sat during/ slightly after A levels by the vast majority of people taking them. If he gets a STEP offer, that is when to register for exam and start preparing (though starting sooner than that, ie now is arguably better). When accepting offers, it's unwise to have both firm and insurance requiring STEP as the risk of missing both is a bit high. That said, Cambridge offer holders often insure Warwick, but they are generally very strong at maths and can take the risk.

cdtaylornats Tue 13-Sep-16 23:45:37

They haven't set out the dates for 2017 yet but I would imagine they will be much the same - 2016 was

29 Feb - entries accepted from this date
1 Apr - last date for braille/large print entries
29 Apr - last date for entries
14 June - Paper 1

OddBoots Wed 14-Sep-16 20:17:23

As far as I know STEP stands for 'Sixth Term Examination Paper' which I took to mean that they are meant to be taken in the final term of sixth form so you have plenty of time.

evenstrangerthings Sat 24-Sep-16 12:32:05

There are some great free resources here to support students who don't have STEP support at their school

STEPMaths Fri 13-Jan-17 18:11:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Lotsofplans Fri 27-Jan-17 23:35:36

My DS did STEP - the exams were after the A levels so it's not too late. He had an offer for Cambridge (A*AA and STEP 1,2). Although he got 4 A*s, he missed his offer because he didn't get high enough STEP grades! The exams are really difficult.

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