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Need an apprenticeship!

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NowhereMan Mon 05-Sep-16 00:15:13

I have been looking for an apprenticeship for about two months now and I still haven't got anything! I want to work in a bank, I think it would be great for me because it gives me a bright and clear future. I have had two interviews, one with Halifax and the other was a phone interview with Barclays and I didn't get the Halifax job and I still haven't heard back from the Barclays one. I have just left school with good results. I tried contacting banks requesting an apprenticeship but very few like to give out their career email. I need an apprenticeship in the Bournemouth/pools areas. Any ideas what I can do?

olderthanyouthink Mon 05-Sep-16 20:15:44

You want to do an apprenticeship in a bank, as in the high street branch? Or do you mean banking and finance?

I did work experience in a bank ages ago, I was rather like working in a shop I think (I've never working in a shop)

I did an apprenticeship last year (unrelated field), I learned that lots of listings don't exist or aren't accurate but if u can get in a recruiters books then u stand a pretty good chance of being placed. I've no experience with going straight to the source I'm affraid.

Remember school grades are needed for an apprenticeship (kinda) but lots of people have the grades you need something that sets you apart. I had a small portfolio of work I'd done, you could try getting some work experience while you are looking. Maybe local accountancy firms, businesses big enough to have a finance department, as well as banks? You may get your foot in the door or at least some references.

LIZS Tue 06-Sep-16 08:49:30

Have you approached your local fe college as they will have links with local businesses offering apprenticeships which they provide the courses and accreditation for. However you will need to be quick as term is starting. Banking has changed and is no longer the secure career path it once was. Maybe also look at other customer service roles or financial service providers.

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