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AIQ in activity leadership

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tensmum1964 Tue 31-May-16 07:11:01

Hi. I am new to this site so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place. I have also posted on the academics forum as need help fairly quickly.Recently I agreed to help a friend out who was struggling to complete an AIQ in activity leadership. I am not surprised she was struggling because her work have just given her the questions with no support, no reading list and no actual opportunity to have any lessons/teaching on the subject. The problem I have is that it is due in very soon and I have left it late in starting to answer the questions for her. Anyway Ive looked on the internet for some reading material, guides or anything that will help me complete the questions and I cant find anything. Can anyone please point me in the right direction please. Its an AIQ in activity leadership unit 17. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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