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A Level Student Stressing Out

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floraldresser Wed 13-Apr-16 18:46:08

A question I am asked about three times a week: What do you want to do with your life?

I've applied to go to university and have been offered two places for English Literature (different uni's - not Russell Group or anything) but I need 300 UCAS points. Last year in AS, I ^achieved <^crys> a C in English Lit, D in History and an E in Philosophy and Ethics.

This year, I'm retaking AS English so I'll be doing 2 English exams (8 books/texts) a History exam and an AS Health and Social Care exam (picked up after dropping Philosophy)

Currently, in mock exams and the like, I'm consistently getting A's/B's in Health and Social Care and A's/B's in History. With English, I have no idea as we are not being given assessed or graded work, except coursework, where I have been told it is 'very good' confused --what grade is that then, cheers miss.
I was just hoping for someone to motivate me as I'm behind in a lot of my coursework.

I plan to finish it all (about 20 hours worth) by the end of this weekend (with hours put in at Sixth Form)

I keep getting mixed messages from my teachers about my progress/grades. I need to get an A/B in English Literature, a B in History and an A in AS Health and Social Care to get into university --along with 20 UCAS points from my E in Philosophy--grin

Is this do-able? I did so well at GCSE and now I just feel like a failure as I'm so behind. Just need a kick up the ass and a hand to hold.

Sorry, long and rambling post. I just need to be told it's all going to be ok, that I can do this and I will make it to uni!star

mummymeister Fri 15-Apr-16 15:39:24

There is only one person in the whole world that can motivate you - and that is you. You are an adult now and you have to decide for yourself how much work you can do, what difference you can make to your grades etc. see it as empowering and not overwhelming.

write down why you are doing this on post it notes and stick them up all over your room to keep you motivated. go and speak to your English teacher and explain why you need to know the grade. what is your back up plan if you don't get the grades you want?

you are not a failure just because you did well in gcse's, a levels are a monumental leap up and need very different skills and motivation.

have a clear plan of attack to clearing your back log of work and stick to it. write it down and work it through. good luck.

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