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Transfer for her 2nd year

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livedtotellthetale Fri 29-Jan-16 14:32:57

DD2 done well in her A levels (stepped up to the mark after a rocky start) and got her insurance choice, (small south coastal town)she was disappointed as she really wanted her first choice in a big lively city up north its also a RG (also boyfriend got in there) I was pleased for her and proud she nearly got asked to leave her school in the Feb as not working and skipping lessons so she really turned it around to get her insurance.

She settled in well and made friends and enjoying her course, but did say a few time how quite the town and had a few wobbles in her first term, I put that down to living away from home for the first time and spending time alone sometimes she is a bit of a social butterfly and is always on the go.
at Christmas she said she was unhappy and really didnt like the town although enjoying her course.
After Christmas she went back to Uni and looked into to see if she can apply to her first choice uni for the 2nd year and they have made her a offer on the basis that she gets 60% this year she is on track to do this. She dose not know what to do as she has settled into her Uni a bit more and have potential people to share with next year.

Or does she move to the RG uni in the lively city I am not sure how to guide her in this, was worried because boyfriend is there and dont want her moving for that reason but she says it not and it was always her first choice.

livedtotellthetale Fri 29-Jan-16 14:36:02

Sorry about the Grammar.

CityDweller Fri 29-Jan-16 14:56:32

Hard to advise without knowing her, but solely on the basis of the value of her final degree I'd say move to get a better quality degree. But ultimately she should go with her gut as if she moves and is unhappy that will affect how well she does on her course most likely.

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