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Refund from FE college (state)

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robin64 Wed 27-Jan-16 01:34:19

Dd has changed colleges (post 16) we paid quite a large sum almost £200 to the original one for "trips and materials". She has left after one term but they have said its non refundable. She didn't go on any trips in that time. Is there anything I can do to get some of this money back? Any advice gratefully received.

condaleeza Mon 01-Feb-16 08:08:30

I suggest writing a strongly worded letter to the principal by name. If the reason your DC left had anything to do with failings on the college part (eg inappropriate advice and guidance that resulted in DC being enrolled on course that did not suit) then make that clear too. If that fails ask for the formal complaints procedure and follow that, it will probably involve a complaint to governors. Persistence will probably get the desired result.

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