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Harpbury College, Gloucester

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HKMum2 Sun 24-Jan-16 01:06:24

My eldest DD is looking at her options for IB or BTEC and knows the path she wants to take (Sports) and is looking at doing BTEC Sports Science however we came across Harpbury College Sixth Form at an educational fair today and it offers a BTEC in Sports with football which she immediately clicked with.
We live in Hong Kong and whilst she has never had a desire to leave us this seemed to light a fire within her SO does anyone have any feedback on Harpsbury. It's teaching and what's it like to be a boarder there? We obviously need to get this right as she can't come home at weekends if she's unhappy. Thank you in advance

GasLIghtShining Sun 24-Jan-16 19:22:43

My DS was offered a place on a BTEC sport course but ended up at our local college. Have to say we really impressed by the college and it has an excellent reputation and facilities.

It is in the middle of nowhere and I mean in the middle of nowhere although there are buses into Gloucester. I think events are organized for them on a weekend and as far as I can remember they cant just wander off to the pub at night or stop out overnight without permission.

They have a number of sport academies such as football, rugby, netball and golf. What sort of football is your DD expecting? I only say this as you need to make sure that what she wants is going to happen. A friend of mine was looking at another college and the college went on about women's football and then not enough girls wanted to do the football.

Two or three from my DS's year went/go but they travel each day. Someone else boards in the week and is happy

Have you searched on here for Hartpury as there have been previous threads but whether it will answer your questions. Although a lot were about animal course there may be something about sport and boarding.

Do you know anyone in the UK she can visit to break up the terms?

Not sure I have been of any help but it's a start!

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