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Career advice for 17 year old

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Kaz2200 Thu 10-Dec-15 12:24:45

Hi all I am looking for some advice for my daughter. She is, 17 and in her 2nd year at college studying level 3 beauty. She has struggled academically all her life and has dyslexic tendencies, she failed maths and English at school. She doesn't want to do beauty but is staying on until she decides what to do. She has been to see careers officer who has not been much help. Does anyone know if there are private career advisors that would be able to help her.

cdtaylornats Wed 16-Dec-15 11:12:43

Make up artist?

ThruUlikeAshortcut Wed 16-Dec-15 11:19:11

I always advise young people to think about what they are good at and what they enjoy doing and then look at careers around these areas.

Is she creative? She could look at careers in the theatre or tv, she could set up her own business doing face painting - Interior Design, Window dresser - there is loads of information online about careers in certain areas, what qualifications are needed etc.

I've never met a good careers advisor I'm afraid sad

LaurieLemons Wed 16-Dec-15 12:56:16

Do you think she'd be better off doing an apprenticeship? Working might give her more of an idea, it certainly did for me. I don't know about career advisors or anything but after she finishes college I would advise her to try lots of different things, she can always quit and try something else. No point sticking with something you aren't passionate about.

LaurieLemons Wed 16-Dec-15 12:57:38

Tell her to have a look at this, helped me out when I needed inspiration.

weebarra Wed 16-Dec-15 13:00:37

Or - the careers website from Skills Development Scotland who do careers advice in Scotland. Has lots of useful tools and case studies.

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