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Accomodation whilst at Uni when you have a child

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SL90 Mon 02-Nov-15 16:29:28

Hi everyone
I'm looking at going to uni next September as my child has turned 5 this year so I have gone back to college to get the qualification that I need to get onto the course that I would like to do.
My question is how does accommodation work when you have a child?
I'm looking at going to Anglia Ruskin (hopefully if I get in) at their Colchester site.
I currently live in London so would have to relocate to Colchester in order to go to uni there
I know I would need to private rent but from experience it was hard work just to find a flat here that would be willing to take me, would it be easier looking for 2 bed student accommodation or would they be less likely to allow me to rent with them?
Also I currently live alone with my son but potentially my new partner will be moving with me how does this affect my chances too?
Any help will be appreciated
Thank you x

scatterthenuns Mon 02-Nov-15 19:17:22

There are one bed flats available at Colchester, they'd probably be suitable for small families -

Other than that, private renting.

However, many unis have family accommodation available so you should ring their housing people and see what they suggest. You're not unique!

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