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Psychology degree

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OddSocksHighHeels Sat 19-Sep-15 16:36:34

I'm looking to go back to university next September for a psychology degree and I'm hoping for a career in forensic psychology.

Does anybody know what the best options would be for getting volunteering experience in the meantime?

Also anybody that can offer help with writing a personal statement would be very much appreciated!

Regularhiding Sat 19-Sep-15 16:44:26

are there jobs in that field in your area?
I know several people who did the same as you and not one got a job in that field.

MoodyMarge Sat 19-Sep-15 16:48:58

Marking place! Just been to Uni Open day today! Felt quite old as all the others prospective students were with their mums and dads!!

OddSocksHighHeels Sat 19-Sep-15 18:27:26

regular I've had a look and there seem to be jobs available within prisons for those already qualified (I'm in London) although if I start my degree next year then it's 3 years after that until I finish so who knows by then? And I can change my mind on the area I want to work in at a later date of course.

moody good luck! Which uni are you looking at? I am wondering how it will feel to be back with a roomful of 18 year olds grin

funnybeanz Sat 19-Sep-15 18:40:45

Hi OddSocksHighHeels, I am a chartered forensic psychologist so hopefully I can give you some advice, I did a degree in Psychology and various voluntary work for agencies working with vulnerable people, like samaritans and a homeless charity. Then I did a masters in forensic psychology and got a job in a prison which then led to my chartership. The key areas to get experience of is working with any vulnerable people could be to do with substance misuse, suicide, self harm, victims etc. Sometimes charities run the visiting bit of prisons so you could try volunteering there so you get a bit of prison experience. Or the independent monitoring board are looking for volunteers in prisons. Or any drug/alcohol service might be able to give you experience. Or the Probation service might be able to help, that would be really good experience. Write to as many as you can as you will need to have some experience after your degree. The key thing with this area of work is to become chartered as it opens up a wider area for job opportunities. Any questions do ask. Good luck, it's an incredible area to work in!

Hoplikeabunny Sat 19-Sep-15 18:46:16

I also went to a uni open day today, and I felt so old! Though fortunately I wasn't the only mature student who was looking at this particular course (Speech and Language therapy), so that made it a bit better. Sadly I think the uni is a bit too far to make it work, but am looking at a couple of others smile Exciting!

MoodyMarge Sat 19-Sep-15 20:47:55

Hi Odd! Looked at Essex today and first impressions are good and it's very local so would be so convenient for me.
I'm in the process of talking to a local homeless charity about doing some voluntary work so from what you say Funny, it's a good place to start. Some really useful advice there thank you.

I'm pretty scared about the whole thing if I'm honest but I'm so determined!!
Good luck to you all smile

Hoplikeabunny Sat 19-Sep-15 22:21:12

Moody- I did my first degree (English Literature) at Essex! I lived in one of the south towers, it was so fun! There were loads of mature students on my course smile It's a great university. Did you go to the library?! Worth a visit to see the crazy paternoster lift! What course are you looking at?

OddSocksHighHeels Sun 20-Sep-15 01:02:38

funny it's great to hear from you! That is exactly the type of help I was looking for and I'm so happy to hear from somebody with experience. I don't have any more questions at the minute but are you ok if I PM you if I think of any more? Seriously happy with your advice so far even if you don't want to go further so thank you smile

hop good luck with your course too. Hope it goes well for you. It's exciting isn't it?

moody it is bloody terrifying! Who would have known it's scarier as a fully grown woman with loads of life experience compared to an 18 year old just leaving home grin I'm determined too as well though. I have to turn my life around!

I hope it all goes well for you all! I'm so excited for the first time in a long time gringringrin

funnybeanz Sun 20-Sep-15 10:06:57

OddSocksHighHeels - of course pm me if you need any more advice. Glad it's been useful so far. Good luck to all of you, exciting times!

MoodyMarge Tue 22-Sep-15 07:13:50

Hi Hop, didn't have a chance to go to the library this time but have heard about the lift from my mum who went as a mature student to study English Lit in the 90's!
I'm looking at a Criminology and Social Psychology degree. Worrying about the personal statement now!!

Hoplikeabunny Tue 22-Sep-15 09:10:59

Ah you missed the best bit, the lift is amazing!

Yes I'm panicking about the personal statement too...they keep saying how important it is. Eeeeek.

Are any of you doing an access course? I graduated in 2009, so I'm having to do one as all the Universities I'm looking at specify that you have to have evidence of study within the last 5 years, plus I don't have the right science prerequisite unfortunately. This is adding extra stress!!

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 22-Sep-15 11:37:39

I'm also panicking about the personal statement. I've been out of education for too long and this is seeming much scarier than when I was 18.

Eek haven't checked if I'll need an access course! I haven't picked my uni yet and I guess they each have different requirements? I also haven't been a student since 2009.

Hoplikeabunny Tue 22-Sep-15 14:40:20

Yes I imagine it is different for each uni/course, although it seems pretty universal that you need an access course that equals 60 credits (45 of which must be a distinction) which are heavily science based in order to do a speech and language therapy degree, so it may be worth investigating, as they usually take a minimum of 9 months to complete and would need to be done by June. Fingers crossed you don't need one, mine is costing around £1500 and I am not looking forward to it confused

Tutt Tue 22-Sep-15 14:53:23

I'd start now sending applications to volunteer as it took me a year to find a placement as they are like rocking horse poo here.
I was/am a mature student and it is great, after the first month or so you just fit in and age seems less apparent.
I'm hoping to do my masters in Criminology and Psychology next September as due to fluffing around I didn't get my application in this year!
Struggling with my personal statement too so watching with interest.

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