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Need advice on level 4 counselling diploma ..

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Toohotcats Fri 07-Aug-15 09:46:13

Has anyone done this course. It has been my dream for a number if years to become a counsellor.
I will be eligible for a 24+ loan to cover tuition fees but I am quite confused about the other costs and what they will amount to. I'm looking at a career development loan and taking 2k. I hope this will be enough as this is all I can afford.
My main issue is, I work pt so will be able to attend college on my day off during the week but how will I fit placement hours around this? Am I able to arrange this during weekends/evenings? I will have to keep my job as it will be the only way I can fund the course.
How easy was it for you to find work after you finished the course? It seems that looking on the bacp sites list of vacancies is the most promising way of finding work.
Don't want to give up hope on this just yet!!!

ilovesooty Fri 07-Aug-15 22:20:17

I think I replied to one of your threads before.

I completed the training while working full time. I used my annual leave for the training and some of the placement hours as well as counselling on Saturday and a couple of evenings a week.
I went into private practice a little while after I qualified. I did have a paid part time counselling job last year but didn't enjoy it and returned to my previous full time job. I counsel privately during the evening and am also management chair of the counselling service where I did most of my placement hours.
I qualified five years ago and I'm still repaying the money I spent funding the course, but I didn't qualify for a loan.

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