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IB - near-miss on points or grades - how do universities react?

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RandomFriend Tue 04-Aug-15 14:49:34

Does anyone have a DC that has done IB and narrowly missed their points offer (for example, obtaining 37 rather than 38). If so, have you heard from the university and what was the reaction?

I ask because:
- DD has met her offer, but wants to change course to a different subject that has a higher standard offer.
- DDs friend has met her offer in terms of total points but got a 5 on HL maths rather than the 7 requested.

Both are waiting to hear. Please share your experience of how universities have reacted to near-misses at IB.

gonegrey56 Tue 04-Aug-15 14:55:58

Dd's friends in this position had to wait until A level results day to hear what their Universities' decisions were . The near misses did not get their firm choices, but got great courses through clearing (Warwick especially seemed to scoop them up). Just depends I suppose but think much is unclear until A level results are known .
Good luck to your dd who has done brilliantly to make her offer !

RandomFriend Tue 04-Aug-15 15:07:10

Thanks for the reply, gonegrey. Were the near-misses at your DD's school where the firm choice was not granted missed on total points? or on individual grades?

It seems to me that a near-miss because of an extra point dropped in - say - maths, for an arts course at university would be unlucky.

I guess they just have to be patient until A-level results are out.

gonegrey56 Tue 04-Aug-15 18:37:04

I believe it was in the individual subjects, one that I remember in particular was a friend getting 36 in HL physics, and she needed 38 (but for a MFL degree!) - and she was eventually rejected after A level results day even though overall she had 40 points. Seemed very harsh to everyone .

gonegrey56 Tue 04-Aug-15 18:43:02

Sorry brain addled, what I meant was getting a lower than expected score for physics(?4?) and yet getting 40 total points overall but was still rejected even though "standard offer" was 38 points . The 3 HL scores had been specified, and the friend missed just the one .
Hope this makes sense .
I am sure it is worth contacting the admissions debts prior to A level results day. Hope it works out for everyone.

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