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Waiting for a big fat fail functional maths, level 2....upset.

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ScentedJasmine Sun 12-Jul-15 04:22:20

That's it really.
Middleaged woman who has really messed up paper this week.
Worked so hard and just went to pieces in exam.
Stupid answers.
Will take again as need this to get back into work.
Educated to MA level but no O level maths [shows my age!].
Just so angry with myself and feel like tearful child I used to be round maths.
Just a sorry for myself post!

TanteRose Sun 12-Jul-15 04:34:12

Oh dear...sad but you might have passed?
And you haven't, take it again.
Maybe work on exam technique? Find a tutor for a couple of intensive lessons.
You can do it smile <waves pom-poms] flowers

Amy106 Sun 12-Jul-15 04:34:43

Don't beat yourself up about this. You know how hard you worked so it was not for the lack of trying. You can take it again and do much better too. Meanwhile, try to put it out of your mind. If you didn't do it this time, you will next time. Worrying won't change anything so please accept these flowers and wine and my best wishes for success.

TanteRose Sun 12-Jul-15 04:37:04

Oh and huge kudos just for even thinking about doing a maths exam.

I hated it too (I scraped a maths O level...)

ScentedJasmine Sun 12-Jul-15 05:07:55

Thank you.
Woke up about 3am realising I had done something ridiculous on a plan/ graph. So not sensible....Upset as until moment of enlightenment thought may have picked up some marks here!
Applied for a job that asks for o' level maths. Put on that I haven't got it but taken level 2 [wrote form before screw up]. However, did say would take again if did not pass and was determined to achieve it. We will see.
I will have to find new teacher or do myself now as class I am in stopped for good. Actually think probably need to join on line thing, with lots of passed papers I could print off, in examination board I am doing. Too much of a dinosaur for on line tests!

Millymollymama Sun 12-Jul-15 23:48:33

I don't have O level Maths either. Grade 7 both attempts when I was 16. Fortunately all my jobs never required this because I avoided any job with even the remotest need for maths.

I did agonise for months, many, many, years ago, about whether I could ever pass "quantitive methods" in my 1st year HNC! I had to pass to stay on the course and the real possibility of telling my employers, who were paying for me, that I had failed kept me awake at night! I got a D but As in every other subject. I couldn't do half the syllabus, even with extra tuition from the lecturer. I obviously scraped through. In your case I would try and try again though! If I can do it, You can do it!!! Good luck.

ScentedJasmine Mon 13-Jul-15 06:57:11

Thank you for your post MillyMollyMama.
Like you I have avoided maths all my life. Courses I have chosen, jobs all influenced by the 'do I need maths' question. I think I have probably under achieved job wise because of it as kept in jobs I know I can do and maths ability will not be questioned. My failure in maths [low grade cse] has been like a shameful secret and a heavy weight round my neck. I know this sounds melodramatic!
I am likely to fail this time but really must not give up but work through my anxiety. Jobs aside, this is a personal mission now!
Well done Milly! You did it!

JenniMoo Mon 13-Jul-15 07:07:06

Keeping fingers crossed for you, but I've taught FS maths until recently and can now tutor it. If it doesn't work out get in touch and let me know what exam board you did and roughly where you are and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

JenniMoo Mon 13-Jul-15 07:08:47

Sorry, that reads wrong, I didn't sleep well! Lots of people surprise themselves and some others find the first attempt throws them but they're fine after that.

sashh Mon 13-Jul-15 07:21:30

JenniMoo beat me too it.

I don't mind a bit of tutoring.

BTW did you get any grade at O Level? A D or E?

I applied for a job recently which asked for grade A GCSE, but they took O Level pass grades as equivalent to grade A GCSE.

Sorry, just read you have CSE, tell them about this, they might accept it.

ScentedJasmine Mon 13-Jul-15 07:29:30

Thank you both so much.
A very poor CSE by a stressed 15 year old!
I have MA [unsurprisingly not maths related!] but maths is difficult for me.
My maths has improved over the year but need to sort out my anxiety.
Board is City and Guilds. Someone told me pass mark 40 out of 60? Seems high. Another 60% of 60, my functional maths brain tells me this is a lower threshold!
Whatever, I made such a pigs ear of task 1 and 2 task 3 probably won't save me....
I will keep you all informed and am very grateful for your offers of support.
Thank you everyone who has responded.

JenniMoo Mon 13-Jul-15 22:22:47

On city and guilds it's around 66%, they're the board I worked with. It varies day to day, though.
I hope you're worrying about nothing.

ScentedJasmine Tue 14-Jul-15 02:26:24

66%, I'm doomed!

JenniMoo Tue 14-Jul-15 05:47:32

Don't forget you can get tonnes of marks even if you got the answer wrong. You could surprise yourself smile

ScentedJasmine Wed 15-Jul-15 07:10:08

Dreamt about exam paper last night.
Not a nice dream!
Now wonder if I converted simple units the right way mm/ cm etc.
In my dream the paper looked like I did the opposite of what I should have.
Need putting out of my misery.
Got an interview next week which will be before results come out [maybe a good thing as can at least pretend may pass]. Have been honest in form and put that obviously hope to pass but will retake if I don't.
Ahh well- busy day to day so should only haunt my dreams....

JenniMoo Wed 15-Jul-15 07:31:55

Did you do electronic or paper test?

ScentedJasmine Wed 15-Jul-15 07:46:45

Paper test.
Hope examiner marks to task 3 where I think I may have got some answers right! Tempting to give up on my paper before then....

JenniMoo Wed 15-Jul-15 10:02:39

Paper tests were taking an age to come back, so best try to forget about it for now sad
If you are convinced you've failed you can try doing some of the practice tests. They're on the city and guilds website.

ScentedJasmine Wed 15-Jul-15 10:32:20

Do I need to join City and Guilds to get paper versions from their site?
Think done most of samples [about 6] but maybe could access more if registered with them as an individual?

JenniMoo Wed 15-Jul-15 11:04:26

Hit sounds like you've done them all, then, that's all there are for tutors to use sad

JenniMoo Wed 15-Jul-15 11:05:31

But you don't need to register to access them and the answers, it's all there under functional skills. Search 3748 for speed ;)

ScentedJasmine Wed 15-Jul-15 16:30:07

Thanks. Not great on websites; bit of a dinosaur!
Will try again...
When get result, if as I expect, would do no harm to go through papers again...

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 15-Jul-15 16:46:14

I hope you surprise yourself and pass op. I fully understand Maths anxiety, all credit to you for trying to address it, that's more than I have ever done!

I have a lowly d grade gcse in Maths. I was fortunate enough to do my nurse training in the days before Maths was a requirement. I honestly think ds1 who is 12 could take the gcse paper I did tomorrow and get a higher mark than me. His Maths homework is so far beyond me it's embarrassing.

I'm glad that neither of my dses have inherited by lack of mathematical skill but it does compound those feelings of being a dinosaur from a forgotten agegrin Every now and again I contemplate re taking my gcse and then life gets in the way andi forget again....

Good luck, I hope you get therethanks

ScentedJasmine Wed 15-Jul-15 22:18:56

Thankyou my fellow dinosaur!
I really hope I surprise myself too...

ScentedJasmine Thu 30-Jul-15 07:04:34

I passed !!!!
I am surprised but pleased.
Thank you for your support.

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