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Would you bother finishing this year?

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lavendersun Mon 22-Jun-15 17:52:44

So, I foolishly started a second course this year whilst in the final year of another qualification.

I have decided that this new qualification it isn't actually something I would like to pursue. It is career enhancing but not remotely necessary.

I already have more qualifications than I need for the work I do tbh. I did it because I gave up a job for other reasons and was worried that I would be bored.

I now have two part time jobs and an almost full time study commitment without this second course.

I am slightly behind and not really enjoying the content or structure. Would you bother to finish the year you had paid for? I don't need the UCAS points for anything else.

The other thing I am doing (final year) is much more useful and I am starting to resent the time I spend on the thing that I am not going to take forward.

I am not a quitter by nature though which makes it hard to do but I wonder why I am making myself do it right now. I would rather spend any spare time I have with DD tbh.

Would you quit now or see the year out?

twentyten Mon 22-Jun-15 22:10:44

Write a list of pros and cons.

lavendersun Tue 23-Jun-15 05:53:20

Have narrowed it down to cons Twenty - I have decided to bin it. I can't see any pros tbh as I know that I don't want to carry on.

Feel a bit lighter this morning smile.

twentyten Tue 23-Jun-15 09:36:20

Sounds like the right thing from your post. Life has moved on for you and it is no longer your top priority. You are not quitting- just choosing more important things to use your energy on. Good luck!

lavendersun Tue 23-Jun-15 10:41:41

Yes Twenty, thank you. I have got more money than time in reality, so wasting the course fee and wasting more time on it than I already have is not a good choice.

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