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i have a BTECH level 3 diploma in health and social care what can i do with it ??

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Funkytown Thu 19-Mar-15 21:42:13

ok so as above i have this qualification my final grade was a d* (distinction) what can i do with it with out going on to uni ?
i know i can work in a care home is that all , I'm stuck in a rut and I'm clueless about what this qualification can do for me if anything

thank you

sashh Fri 20-Mar-15 06:50:10

A BTECH is an Indian qualification, I think you have a BTEC.

Yes you can work in a care home, also a school or hospital as a HCA.

And obviously lots of jobs not connected to HSC

Funkytown Fri 20-Mar-15 12:34:28

yes sorry it is Btec (I'm dyslexic btech looked right to me lol)
do you know what type of jobs in a school ??
do you know if i could possibly work in a nursery ? for for all of the questions

Funkytown Fri 20-Mar-15 12:34:40

sorry for all **

Purplevicki Sat 28-Mar-15 01:47:41

Support worker, teaching assistant, go into dental nursing, assistant social worker, assistant physio/ occ therapy.

If you have 1 grade (d*) this is the equivalent to 1 a-level and you can do anything that anyone else with that grade can do.

How about an apprenticeship? Many nurseries offer these

PandaMummyofOne Fri 24-Apr-15 11:11:17

A BTEC level 3 is the equivalent to 3 a levels. If it's equivalent to one A-level it is not a FULL level 3, which is 180 credits. Between 9 and 12 units depending on their weight over 2 years.

You can go to university and study nursing, social care, sociology or many, many other subjects. You can take a level 4 at college or gain employment.

You can do whatever you want! What takes your fancy?

Funkytown Tue 12-May-15 21:32:16

sorry panda i don't understand what you mean ?
yes there were units to the course 12 i think
i got an over all d* and distinction for 9 out of 12 of those units

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