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Anyone any essay exam tips? law

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geologyrocks Wed 18-Feb-15 20:36:27

hi girls, I have a law exam next week as part of my nursing degree.

This is a topic I've never studied before, it's all new to me and she sheer volume of things to remember is crazy. ..dates, cases, details how the law is applied...

has anyone any tips on remembering it all to recite in an essay??


lastlines Wed 18-Feb-15 20:57:25

Don't recite it all. Only mention what is relevant.
Essays test your ability to apply knowledge selectively not recite it all.

Best tip is really study the question and make sure you know what you're being asked to do and what topic(s) you are being asked to handle.

To remember facts, group them. Get index cards and write down key headings on them. Put 3-5 bullet point details on each card.

Make an essay plan to organise your thoughts, and include in the plan which key points you'll refer to.

During the exam, reread the question after each paragraph you write to ensure you stay on topic.

Good luck.

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