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How to lay out a case study..?

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honey86 Mon 05-Jan-15 12:02:06

I have a biology assessment at the end of january. We have to research and take down notes and references and write it up under controlled exam conditions. We arent allowed to bring in drafts just the info we need to write it.

We were told to read a few articles and come up with a case study question, which i have: should we ban antibiotics for non therapeutic uses? The front sheet has very little details about what is expected. All i know is you have to include for/against arguments and use harvard referencing.

Im struggling to get started on it i dont even know where to start. Any ideas how case studies are supposed to be.written? Is it like an essay, or are you supposed to separate the intro/arguments/main body/ conclusion/references into seperate sections? And do you add graphs etc or are they supposed to be just writing? Tia

3BloodyKids Mon 05-Jan-15 12:07:48

I think you need to seek further clarification from your tutor on this.

FWIW, case studies I have done (in a very different field) were essays with the usual essay structure and theory/rationale/evidence/critique woven into the narrative of the 'case'.

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