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Good 6th Form colleges Entry 2015

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kenyaq Sat 13-Dec-14 23:41:56

Greetings I am looking for good state 6th form colleges for my DD and DS entry next September. The children are quite bright and on the Gifted and talented in their year 11 Academies. Predictive grades 5-A to B and C-for Mathematics.We live in South London.

We have read the Telegraph and Tatler's list of best performing Academies however, have found them quite biased. After researching we came up with this piece which both papers failed to mention.

The Success Story from Newham

One highlight of today’s A level results was the great results from a sixth form college in Newham. Based in one of the most deprived boroughs in the country, over 60 of its students are set to go to Russell Group universities. It is a college that succeeds in getting more disadvantaged students into higher education than any other sixth form provider in the country.

Those students should be congratulated on their success, as should the staff who supported them. But the impression that LAE likes to give that it is giving chances where none existed before is misleading. To support this argument, they like to quote outdated figures. For instance the LAE press release today states that in 2011 only 39 Newham sixth formers secured places at Russell Group universities. But they must know that in 2013 no less than 68 achieved Russell Group places from just one other local provider, Newvic SIxth Form College.The trend towards selection in sixth forms, even in comprehensive schools, is disturbing and Newvic shows that there is an alternative. It is one of many many sixth form providers across the country that shows it is possible to successfully provide great education and meet the needs of the full range of students.

For more information: do check out the great blog from Newvic’s Principal, Eddie Playfair.For more information: Eddie Playfair.
Note: Corrections have been made to this post, following feedback from NewVIc. The 137 Russell Group offers is the figure for this year.
Newvic this year received 137 Russell Group offers – but without the press coverage lauded on this free school. - See more Has anyone sent their children there and how are they finding it. Thank you in advance

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