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Advanced Apprenticeship - what is control systems?

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cumbrianbornandbread Sun 16-Nov-14 23:03:06

My DD has been looking for apprenticeships. She started 6th form but hates it so we've come to the agreement that she at least finishes the year (because its too late to do anything now) and shes started looking at apprenticeships.

The main ones shes looked at are Electrical and Control Systems. There both with a respected and well thought of good company that have been offering apprenticeships for decades so im happy in that respect but i would like a bit of advice.

I understand what an electrical apprenticeship is but haven't got a clue about control systems. What is a control systems technician? What do they do? Whats the prospects? ect. Googles a bit useless and i can't find much any information.

If there are any control systems technicians out there that could tell me anything about the area it would be welcomed.
Thank you smile

Marrafreoweryonder Tue 18-Nov-14 18:56:25

Going by your name im guessing were from the same area and this is a Gen2 for Sellafield apprenticeship?
Yeah, any of their apprenticeships are really good if your DD can get on one. Ive had a DS do pipefitting and become a fitter, a DS do mechanical and become a construction worker, a DD do electrical and is still there.
Id suggest look at the sellafield/risley/LLWR/Iggesund/Cavendish nuc/amec (you know, the usual) websites for what jobs are available for a control systems techy and see what comes up.

This is what i found on the internal applicants website for sellafield;

From what im seeing, control systems is about looking after all the systems on site from the design to installation and maintenance as well as decom. And thats a lot of systems that your DD will have to learn about. Sounds like it would be a good apprenticeship as well.

Good luck for your DD

cdtaylornats Sat 07-Feb-15 13:35:33

A sort of out of the box thought but has she considered air traffic control? Training is essentially classroom and simulators to start then training at an ATC site until qualified. High pay, lots of holidays, cheap travel, no male bias and get paid while training.

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