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Changing sixth form half way through - Procedure/Experience?

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burnie77 Tue 05-Aug-14 12:52:06

My niece(17) is coming to live with us due to changing family circumstances and is half way through her A level courses. Does anyone know how to go about registering late to start this September at a sixth form school? She gets her AS results next week but all the schools are closed so I can't find out if it is even a possibility. We are in the Hammersmith/Fulham area.

mummytime Tue 05-Aug-14 20:03:56

She may have to restart. There will be someone at the schools on results days. You can also leave a voice mail and/or email. Tell them the subjects, boards and syllabus (often an A and B or whatever).

Fortunately even if she has to do 2 years, they will be free.

Whitenosugarplease Fri 08-Aug-14 12:33:07

It is possible to join a school sixth form in Year 13. You will need to email relevant heads of sixth/schools ASAP . She maybe called in for interview after results day. It would be helpful if the exam boards match. She should also have her year 11 and year 12 school reports and evidence of excellent attendance. I normally take one or two a year.

lecherrs Fri 08-Aug-14 21:11:43

Hi, it is possible to change half way through, and I would echo the previous poster who said to contact the new school ASAP. I regularly have students join me for the second year.

The exams officer at your new school will be able to confirm the compatibility of the A levels. You do not necessarily have to do the same exam board from AS to A2, but they have to be deemed compatible. There is a list, that the exams officer should have, and the school will be able confirm this with you.

Good luck.

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