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Has anyone taken another A-level online as an adult?

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fatowl Sat 02-Aug-14 15:29:51

I have three A-levels taken in French, German and Biology taken in 1988 (yes I'm old!) and a Modern Languages degree and QTS - graduated in 1993.
Not much experience teaching in the UK (2 years ish in the mid 1990s)

I now live overseas and have done the CELTA course and I am now teaching English as a foreign language (love it!)
I enjoyed studying for the CELTA so much, I am now seriously thinking about doing A-level English if I can find a good online course.

Worth doing do you think?
It would be relevant to my job as I am tutoring students who are needing ESL support while doing IGCSE.

Or do you think some OU courses would be better/more valuable.

sashh Wed 20-Aug-14 09:38:56

I did an AS on 'flexible learning' but they used the NEC materials and I only had 2 meetings with tutors. I forgot to attend one exam and still passed.

I found the NEC materials were all I needed, might be different with English if there is a lit component.

BadcatBertram Wed 24-Sep-14 19:16:25

Watching with interest. I'm thinking about doing A level Biology as a home study course so I'd love to hear if anyone has done similar.

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