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Content insurance for students living away from home

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KatyMac Mon 14-Jul-14 11:27:47

DD is 16 and moving out to study

She will be living in 'digs' with a landlady - so no lock on her door; this means her contents won't be covered under my household insurance

So what are the alternatives - I mainly need electrical stuff & her bike covered......

AMumInScotland Mon 14-Jul-14 11:43:33

She would need her own policy - Endsleigh used to be the big company dealing with students in shared accommodation, but I expect most of the big insurers would have policies - they all want to get students business!

CMOTDibbler Mon 14-Jul-14 11:46:20

Endsleigh specialise in students, so having no room lock is no issue. They also cover stuff in transit which is important

KatyMac Tue 15-Jul-14 07:45:13

My household insurance rang me back - they checked with the underwriters and of course DD is covered......the call centre girl was looking at the wrong 'rules'

As she is 16, living with a family, Mon-Fri returning home most weekends & still my responsibility everything is covered upto about £500 for each item

I wonder if I should get that in writing?

CMOTDibbler Tue 15-Jul-14 08:22:22

yes, def get that in writing. And check what would make it not valid - if she stays away for the weekend as well, is her stuff covered on the train etc. If her landlady had a fire or water tank failure (the two ways that everything in a house goes), then you need to know that you'll get the money for her costumes, shoes as well as gadgets.

Not insurance, but make sure her laptop is going to back up to somewhere remote. Dropbox can work really well to hold stuff so it doesn't get lost - dh has his phone, laptop and pc all syncing to there with no need for him to do anything. He has a proper backup as well, but dropbox is instant so she'd never lose college work

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