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FE examining board not allowing 'reasonable adjustments'

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springlamb Sat 12-Jul-14 19:13:20

Can anyone working/studying in FE help with some advice on appealing this.
DS has a physical disability. He applied for a level 3 course involving some practical modules at a FE college, had the interview, passed the interview and got a conditional offer upon achieving the necessary exam passes, and on an assessment of his performance on a taster day. He passed both.
But on Friday the college called us in and explained that due to the examining body's guidance on reasonable adjustments they cannot now offer DS a place as he will be unable to pass the practicals. He will know exactly what needs to be done but will need an assistant and the examining body will not allow it.
He is heartbroken. The College say that they are able and willing to provide assistance but just cannot.
What methods of appealing this are there? If anyone has any ideas advice guidance - anything - we're very grateful.

LIZS Sat 12-Jul-14 19:23:22

Can you check direct with the accredited body? I would have thought under DDA they have to allow it unless there is a H & S risk.

sashh Mon 14-Jul-14 08:15:43

You need to find out who the examining body is.

You also need to look at the Equality Act, reasonable adjustments were made under the DDA, but there is a big difference with the Equality Act in that certain organisations 'government bodies' have to go out and anticipate needs and put things in place, you need to know if they have done this and if they have not they have to tell you why.

In the mean time the college should allow your son on to the course but with the knowledge that ATM he will not be able to complete the course.

I'm trying to think of a course that having a helper/assistant wouldn't be a pass. The only thing I can think of is some of the practicals (I'm Health and Social Care) where the student has to do something eg making a bed or hand washing.

Now if someone is going to work in a care home then it may be that physically they have to make a bed, but for the purposes of assessment I'm fairly sure they can talk an assistant through the process. If this was NVQ then it would not be a pass (student has to do it themselves) but with another examining board (OCR) it would be.

Oakmaiden Mon 14-Jul-14 08:18:21

What is the course? I can see that if it was something like plumbing or hairdressing then the practicals are integral to the course... If it is science, then maybe not so much...

springlamb Thu 17-Jul-14 19:27:43

Thanks. Apols for delay, my phone and internet has had 'a difficult week'.
It is a scientific course with a lot of practical but for the past year it has been accepted that he would have a 'cold' assistant (with no knowledge of the subject) to instruct. Now it's not so. He has appealed I the examining body. Apparently, no one with his disability has ever wanted to do this before, which I find hard to believe...
Anyhoo, he may be bumped onto an Access to HE course as he was overqualified for the original course in any case. But my boy being my boy, he is of course resisting this.

Purplevicki Sat 26-Jul-14 21:32:31

Sorry to hear of your son's issue with the college.

I work in an FE college and there are pots of money that can be tapped into for those students who have support needs. There should be a department/ student services who could advise you as it can be the department who are dragging their heels.

The subjects I teach allow for a variety of assessment methods - written, discussion, presentation, role play, demonstration, question & answer, professional discussion to name but a few. If it is a BTEC then these are acceptable methods.

It is, very unlikely that they would enrol a student whom they consider to be someone who will not achieve. Again, done to money and government funding!

Good luck. Shout if you want to know any more.

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