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24+ student loan

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speaker1969 Wed 09-Jul-14 10:05:40

Looking at taking out one of these loans for level 3 accounting diploma. Slightly nervous about doing so although don't think I've a choice. Does anyone have any experience of these loans? Also, is child maintenance and child benefit taken into account as income?

craftysewer Wed 09-Jul-14 22:59:04

I'm about to apply for one of these. This page should give you all the information you need: As far as I understand they are not based on your household income so I would say that maintenance and child benefit is not taken into account, but you can ring them to clarify this.

prettyinpink90 Sun 13-Jul-14 22:10:25

I have just been approved for a 24+ advanced learner loan for my CIPD Level 3 studies.
The loan isn't based on your income or credit history so you should be fine. You do not need to start your repayments until 2016 and/or earning over £21,000 a year. The loan however does accrue interest during this time.
I plan to repay the loan in small chunks as soon as possible.

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