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Any FE teachers on here work term time only?

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Supermum222 Sat 07-Jun-14 06:35:35


I am hoping to apply for a post-16 PGCE to start in September. I have been offered paid hours teaching (once confidence is up) at a local college during training (with the possibility of being kept on due to expansion of the college).
However, I only want to work term time so I have been swaying more towards 6th form (who get the school hols). Is it possible to work term time only in FE colleges? Would I be able to get a term time only contract? I am hoping to teach Access to Health, A-level Biology/Human Biology/Applied Sciences etc. I come from an NHS background with a HND/BSc/MSc in Biology related subjects (I still work part time in the NHS).
The college that I am hoping to start my PGCE with is a big college (new build and still expanding). They also have their own 6th form.

lecherrs Sun 08-Jun-14 21:24:42

Yes, I am but it is becoming increasingly rare in the sector. Personally, I love FE but generally speaking the terms and conditions are getting worse across the sector. I'm looking at yet another pay cut this year (or do more work for the same amount of money).

I'd also say wrt your choice of subjects, just be aware that Gove is current planning to scrap human biology in the next few years, amongst other science A levels such as Science in Society, Applied Science etc... I don't think the next few years is looking good for FE science teachers hmm.

Luggagecarousel Tue 10-Jun-14 17:54:05

Technically, yes, sort of, ( because the last half of August is counted as term time...) but in practice no, I need to do catch ups and revision classes throughout the Easter holiday, and the summer half term, as well as spending the last two weeks of the summer holidays in recruitment. Some of this is directed, some is not, but it would be very difficult to refuse. Also several Saturdays per term are directed. Christmas I normally have off, and the other two half terms I do have to go in, but the actual hours are largely up to me.

Purplevicki Sat 26-Jul-14 21:46:06

I don't know of any term time only lecturers in FE. It's non-teaching staff such as LSAs or assessors.

I would argue that there will always be a demand for A&P in FE. H&SC, sport/ public services/ hair & beauty and then the access courses.

Good luck!

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