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How are exams marked compared with coursework?

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Lagertha Sun 18-May-14 19:26:08

A question for teachers or anyone with an idea:

In regard to Access/A level's, if you were to get the same question for an exam and for your coursework and you provided the exact same piece of work, would you get marked higher in an exam?

I guess I am wondering if they take into account that you only get a limited period of time for the exam, while in a coursework you have opportunity to edit the work and hand in drafts etc.

Or is it simply just harder to get a high exam mark?

sashh Tue 20-May-14 07:14:14

You couldn't do the exact same answer. For course work I would want every fact checked and referenced.

I would not expect you to be able to tell me which page of a textbook you had learned something from in an exam, I certainly would not be asking you where the book was published.

What grade you got would depend on the marking criteria.

Obviously this is for humanities type work, maths would be different

Lagertha Tue 20-May-14 15:11:37

Thank you for replying. Yes it's for humanities. Sociology/ psychology. Would you be more lenient for grammar and structure of an essay in an exam?

As a student it appears the marking criteria seems so open to interpretation.

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