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Changing courses.

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Musicaltheatremum Tue 22-Apr-14 22:24:13

My son is studying neuroscience. He does not like it and does not think it is what he expected. He has always loved computers and gaming and done quite a lot of on line programming and wants to Change to this within the university. I have told him to contact the careers dept tomorrow to set the ball rolling as this has all just come to light.

Some background. Loves medical things, wanted to do medicine. We are in Scotland and when doing his higher prelims my husband became unwell and died 8 weeks before his higher exams. He dropped one as couldn't cope and managed AAAB accepted that medical school wouldn't take him with only 4 highers and 1 B grade so thought neuroscience might be interesting but due to all our emotional states and grief didn't look into this as much. He now thinks that the schools idea to do highers in his 6th year (year 13) and then do advanced highers elsewhere maybe would have been good but we were making these decisions within weeks of his dad's death and to be honest it was too much.

He is a ver practical and creative person and my question is really how easy is it to transfer courses and if anyone has done computing any ideas. He is at a Scottish university and wants to stay at the same uni.

EduCated Wed 23-Apr-14 12:17:49

My experience is with English universities, so may be slightly different, but his personal tutor would be the place to start, both to chat about why the course isn't what he expected/why he isn't enjoying it, and about how to transfer.

At this stage in the year, it may be that he would need to start again at the next academic year (is Scotland on the same September-September year?) rather than transfer. If his personal tutor isn't helpful, a welfare tutor or student services type person would likely be able to help as well.

Has he fully looked into the course he wants to transfer to? I'm sure he has, but it would be horrible to end up in the same situation again if he's focussing more on leaving this course than starting the next, if that makes sense!

EduCated Wed 23-Apr-14 12:19:35

Also would he still want to medicine if taking a year out to bump up his grades and get some experience was an option?

Musicaltheatremum Wed 23-Apr-14 19:37:51

Thanks for this. He is seeing the careers office tomorrow. He doesn't want to do medicine now. He is seeing how awful it is getting. Yes Scotland is September to September so he would have to start again. Your comments about the course is a good one. I think one of the reasons for changing is the thought that he would have to do a PhD if he got through it and the thought of lab work for 3 years just doesn't appeal to him. The research he has done suggests the job prospects are better through the computing industry.

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