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Massive fee increase since accepting MSc offer...

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applecharlotte Sat 19-Apr-14 10:14:55

I was offered a place on an Msc last Nov, to start this coming Sept. The fees for 2013/4 were £6,600 I allowed for a max of 5% increase for next year as thought that was realistic when budgeting.

Last night I was looking at the course spec online and noticed the fees have been changed with the new 2014/5 fees. The course is now £8,820!!!

That's a 33% increase! I've not had any notification from the uni and now have 4 months to find an extra £2,220...I can't find this money without getting into more debt.

Anyone got any advice on how to approach this with the uni? I can't contest it can I? I'm really disappointed.

EBearhug Sat 19-Apr-14 10:20:04

Have you spoken to them, saying that much more in fees is going to be a struggle for you, and have they any advice on sources of funding?

applecharlotte Sat 19-Apr-14 10:30:12

I've emailed the course leader last night who I think I have quite good rapport with as have been chatting about reading lists etc. to ask if this increase is correct. I've also emailed the post grad fee department to ask about fee scholarships, I think they offer 50% off fees.

No idea if I would qualify, I have two 2:1 degrees, one linked the other not and some experience in a similar field but no actual experience of what I will be training in.

I will wait and see what they reply. Shouldn't they have let me know formally? I'm just venting really. I've worked really hard to get myself in a position where financially, this course was doable and justifiable. I'm just shocked.

Thanks for listening smile

EBearhug Sat 19-Apr-14 12:58:03

I did an MSc about 18 years ago (OMG, where's the time gone?) and they had about 3 different sources of funding, and were very helpful with advising which ones to apply to, that you in your circumstances were most likely to be awarded (if at all.) I think the funding issue is very common with postgrad degrees, so they'll be used to dealing with such queries, and at the very least, you should get information about possible sources back.

applecharlotte Sat 19-Apr-14 14:18:00

Thanks - yes I'm sure they'll point me in the right direction.

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