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Is there a fairy grant fund to help Mums going back into further education?

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stinkingbishop Thu 03-Apr-14 21:56:51

Long shot here. Am doing a Psychology MSc conversion this Autumn.

I've applied for various general bursaries to help with funding, but was just wondering if anyone knew of any specific grant/charity/NGO that helps women returning to work/retraining because of having children etc.

We wouldn't qualify on means testing because of DP's job, so can't apply for any hardship grant. But probably would on academic merit. Wrote she, modestlywink.

I know there's probably not. But sometimes you do get these random scholarships for peanut allergy sufferers studying metallurgy in Crewe or whatever, so it's worth a shot!

sashh Fri 04-Apr-14 06:57:21

Go to the library and get hold of 'the directory of grant making trusts'. It is a huge book and will probably be reference only.

When I was at uni I allocated 2 weeks of my holiday to getting funding.

My system was to create a spreadsheet of any of the trusts I might be eligible for, then do a standard letter asking for an application form and did a mail merge.

I started with about 200 letters, some sent application forms, some said send in a letter with your circumstances, most didn't reply or said the fund was closed.

I then sent off completed forms / letters and got a lot more rejections and some cheques. I think the smallest amount I got was £10 and the largest was £2000.

Put in the letter that you are approaching other places for funding, for some reason they are more likely to consider you if you have approached several places.

Because these are one off payments from charities they do not count as income for benefit purposes.

Most of these funds were set up by Victorian/Edwardian philanthropists so the language can be quite dated, often they have been set up for widows so that they don't have to earn money 'by immoral means'.

Some are linked to your father's occupation, some by your circumstances, one paid me £200 for being from Yorkshire and a woman.

Then there is this website

stinkingbishop Fri 04-Apr-14 07:19:36

sashh thank you!!!! That is exactly what I wanted.

I do love a good spreadsheet wink.

Hi stinking

Did you have any luck? I'm in a similar position to you, unable to pay my fees but inelligible for anything means tested, so just about to start writing the letters to send now

flowers sashh

craftysewer Thu 05-Jun-14 23:18:37

I'm 50 and just about to sign up for a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at my local 6th Form. Apparently I can apply for a 24+ loan that is not means tested, isn't dependent on household income and doesn't have to be paid back until I earn over £21,000. Would this be of any use to you?

CareersDragon Tue 26-Aug-14 16:36:39

This is probably too late now, but in case anyone else is in the same boat, take a look at:

It is also worthwhile knowing that if you live in Wales, it is possible to do a full-time level 3 course (or below) at a Further Education College for FREE. It is not too late to get on a course to start in September!

WhereAreMyGlasses Tue 26-Aug-14 17:28:10

This might also be useful

minkah Mon 29-Sep-14 00:23:58

Just looking at the 24+ loan. Can it be made available to someone who has a degree, and is wanting to retrain in a different area?
Anyone know?
Can't see that info on the site.

ArsenicFaceCream Mon 29-Sep-14 00:33:36

I have trawled through the rules looking for the answer to exactly that question minkah and there is no mention in the eligibility criteria or elsewhere of degrees/HE at all. So presumably graduates are eligible.

I don't have time this year to do the exta qualification that I've been eyeing up so haven't had a chance to find out for sure, but you could always ring the college in question and double check?

minkah Tue 30-Sep-14 10:52:47

Arsenic, yes. I'm starting to think that the info is there by omission.

Seems like rather good news!

android909 Sat 11-Oct-14 20:57:13

Good luck all. I'm also on the road to improvement / HE and have a 24+ loan. Nice tips!

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