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Working full time plus OU MA History. Any helpful advice, please?

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vintagesewingmachine Sat 01-Mar-14 18:58:00

I am planning to enrol for this coming autumn and am wondering how many credits per year are realistic. I would like to complete in 2 years but realise this may be ambitious. I work full time Monday to Friday in General Practice and have no interest whatsoever in any more health related qualifications but have always adored history and would like to study it at Masters Level. I have DD8 and DS6 plus DH, 2 dogs and my beloved garden. Am I just taking on too much?

webwiz Sun 02-Mar-14 21:31:46

I have just had a look at the History MA and there doesn't look like there is a lot of flexibility with the modules but I would just make sure you give yourself enough time to think about what you are going to do in the dissertation.

I'm just finishing my dissertation for social science masters with the OU and it is a bit relentless at the moment - work/study/ironing/work again! It hasn't been like this in the earlier modules its just so time consuming and stressful at the moment. I would always advise to take your time as the studying is far more enjoyable when you have enough time to do it in.

vintagesewingmachine Mon 03-Mar-14 07:42:25

Thanks for the reply, web wiz. I will reign in my impatience and take my time. Good luck with your dissertation!

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