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any basic skills tutors out there?

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twothousandandfourteen Thu 27-Feb-14 17:43:48

I have a good friend who is applying to be a nurse but she needs a level 2 certificate in literacy/GCSE English to apply. She was recently assessed by Learn Direct and came out as a Level 3, but as she is above a Level 2 they will not let her sit the test to get the paperwork she needs! Does anyone know of anywhere that may be able to help her get the certificate quickly without joining a course as she is already above the level, just needs to prove it! Thanks

sashh Wed 12-Mar-14 12:45:31

She may need to pay, she shouldn't but it might be easier to do it that way.

As a teacher I had to prove I was still working at level 2 so the college put everyone in for OCR Level 2 literacy and numeracy.

Most FE colleges will have tests, she should be able to attend a sitting. Some will want her to do a course but as long as she doesn't already have a level 2 qualification she should be able to do this without cost.

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