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I think I fucked up my nursing entry exam

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Racehorse3007 Wed 26-Feb-14 01:34:43

I'm a third year nurse and I can tell you that they won't really pay that much attention to maths/English tests as long as you had a good interview smile as you get lots of opportunity to improve drug calculations whilst you're there smile don't panic! X

Magix Wed 12-Feb-14 21:22:56

She said she will try and let us know by Friday . It's so annoying cos we have to pass the test to get an interview and I know I will pass the interview !

I just wish I had paid more attention to my spelling and punctuation . I really didn't try hard enough sad

mindgone Wed 12-Feb-14 21:07:02

Really, don't worry! I'm sure they won't really expect too much, and you have a degree already, I'm sure you have done fine. I know doctors with dubious spelling and grammar! When will you hear?

Magix Wed 12-Feb-14 13:28:40

I took an entry exam yesterday into MH nursing at university of the west of Scotland . She said we will find out within a week of qualify for an interview .

I think I did ok in the maths section , but the literacy test I think I've totally fucked up . I heard after it that the content doesn't matter that they are looking at your spelling grammar punctuation etc . I already have a degree and in uni exams it was always content over everything else and that's the way I wrote yesterday . I'm so fucking annoying with myself . I know I spelled at least one word wrong , and my punctuation was not all that great . However it did tell a story and flowed ok .

I had heard that it was so easy a monkey could do it yet when I went yesterday the woman was talking about how much they expect from us sad I thought I was really prepared as well I studied loads of nursing stuff and she didn't ask us one thing sad

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