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FiEllis Mon 18-Nov-13 19:58:37

I work in an FE college and recently gave a colleague a lift home from a leaving do. She was a little bit drunk and confessed to me that she is having a sexual relationship with a student shock. She is married with four kids, the youngest is 9. She got married young and had never slept with anyone else and told me she just wanted some fun and didn't see any harm in it. The student is over 18 and part time. He's due to leave in a couple of months. She came to me the next day, told me she trusted me and begged me never to tell anyone as it would wreck her marriage and she would lose her job. I can't betray this confidence but feel disturbed and burdened by this revelation as I can't talk about it to anyone. I just feel better being able to say it on here.

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