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applying for photography degree

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Kez100 Fri 06-Sep-13 05:25:11

Ahhh, just seen you want to grit in through clearing. No idea there! Cutting a bit fine!

Have to do the above excluding Open Days and prospectus readinh and probably won't have the best courses open to you as they will be full. Does it have to be this year? When you think of the cost of going, surely it's better to apply for 2014 and get into the right course and right Uni.

Kez100 Fri 06-Sep-13 05:22:06

My daughter is currently on the ND and is going to Uni Open Days for photography degrees.

Take a look at the UCAS website and find out which Unis and Colleges offer degrees. Read the Uni website for the courses you are interested in and get prospectuses for those that suit. Then go to the Open Days. On the Open Days you can take in information exactly on the course - because they differ greatly! The Open Days also advise on the entry requirements and give portfolio advice and information on how they interview. So far, all of my daughters chosen courses do interviews.

Examples of courses she has found nclude - wildlife photography, press and editorial, fine arty, commercial, general all round, joint honours (with languages ). Lots of choice!

Good luck!

bobby39 Sun 18-Aug-13 15:52:38

I have decided to apply for Photography degree for this year through clearing I know I'm cutting it a bit fine. I'm in my forties I took a National Diploma in photography about 20 years ago. I have experience on cruise ships , Disneyland Paris as a photographer and Butlins Holiday camp I worked in 5 years in retail in a camera shop then went on to work in a wine shop where i progressed to Manager. Can any offer any advice on my personal profile. I would be so grateful.

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