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Just set up a PR agency... scary stuff

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katherine2008 Wed 20-Jan-10 15:49:49

I have recently set up my own PR and Marketing agency having specialised in Consumer PR in London for years. Decided that I wanted to do it locally as a 'return to work' job and have set up my own agency/gone freelance. Started pitching to some local businesses mid-December and finally took on my first client this week! Not huge pay but covers by daughters childcare and hopefully more to follow. Just to say really that you can make working from home work if you can set up with a small initial outlay, but it is scary and at the moment my husband is having to make up my shortfall.. I'm looking forward to taking him and my DD on holiday this time next year with my profits... Fingers crossed!

carocaro Wed 20-Jan-10 18:20:07

Congratulations! Sounds great and well done for getting stuck in.

I am about to do the same thing, (Cheshire), was in consumer PR in London for 14 years, not worked for 5, so I feel very daunted by it.

Brilliant news about your first client. The first one in the bag!

Perhaps we could support each other?

choufleur Wed 20-Jan-10 18:22:44

well done. wish i had the balls (so to speak) to do it but feel very out of agency/client work having worked in the public sector for five years. i sort of keep wishing i'd get made redundant so that i get a pay off and could set up on my own.

katherine2008 Wed 20-Jan-10 19:49:46

I was kind of lucky as my commute to my old job was over 2 hours, so there was no way I could go back. Which gives you a big kick up the bum, as there is so little part-time work out there. And I'm an older mum (well ish!) so I kind of figure that I didn't wait this bloomin long to have my dd only to see her at weekends!

I am terrified about not having enough knowledge on stuff, especially as I am offering marketing services. I know plenty about marketing having sat in joint PR and marketing meetings for the last ten years or so, BUT putting together leaflets, brochures and an ad campaign - great but OMG! I am beavering away on Microsoft publisher and hoping that the printers will sort out my amateurishness!!

I would love to support and be supported... so carocaro and choufleur if you want to stay in touch would love to!!

choufleur Wed 20-Jan-10 20:47:43

Oh don't use publisher. printers will hate you. go and get yourself indesign.

I'm a bit of jack of all trades now (PR, marketing, printing, copy writing ....) so yes keep in touch

mrsbaldwin Thu 21-Jan-10 13:20:37

This is great Katherine2008! Very inspiring!

Did you know the new client first or did you win them completely cold (if so, even more well done)?

tofuturkey Tue 26-Jan-10 16:50:35

I've been freelancing in PR (in Manchester) since 2001 and have never looked back.

After the birth of my son in 2008, I've been working part time and have loved the flexibility working for myself has offered.

Any of you newbie PR freelancers please feel free to email for advice/ someone to whinge at when you have a bad day.

My first year was pretty lean but after that the work has come in steadily and I've loved the variety freelancing can bring.

lovingeverymoment Wed 27-Jan-10 08:39:54

After working in PR for years, I set up my first business at the end of 2008. I found that the agency hours and commute were just utterly impractical, leaving me no time for my DH and DSD.

I'm now expecting my first DC, and can honestly say that my working arrangements could not be more flexible. I'm lucky to consult with a couple of public sector clients, both of which have been very happy to build my contract around a maternity leave. It's given me a far better income and so much more flexibility than one employer could offer - I'd recommend it to anyone!

Good luck Katherine! x

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Mon 01-Feb-10 11:43:05

Can I join the club? I am currently setting up in the North East in PR and marketing. I am planning to take on a couple of freebie clients as I have been out of the market for five years (DD2 with health issues).

carocaro Tue 02-Feb-10 16:21:26

Hi, back now, this sounds likes a good idea!

Tofuturkey, would you like to meet up one day on Manchester for a coffee/drink?

This is me,

Still in the early stages, more to add, logo, headers and to develop etc, I was sort of naturally lead this route from the consumer PR stuff I have been doing over the years. Just been to London to talk to a client about a project which was all very grown up and exciting!

How is it all going?

carocaro Tue 02-Feb-10 16:24:16

For a start it would help if I could spell my website correctly!

Broken my golden rule of trying to do work things with DS1 7 and DS2 3 running wild around me!

llareggub Tue 02-Feb-10 16:25:11

Congratulations katherine2008! My DH and I have recently set-up a print and design company following his redundancy last year. It has been bit of a scary time but we are getting there! If you'd like to use us (well DH really) to sort out your amateurishness we are very understanding and patient!

We're in the Midlands. We've managed to get plenty of work but like every other small business (I imagine) cashflow is an issue due to slooooooooooow payers.

joshandjamie Thu 04-Feb-10 14:35:21

Congrats on setting up! I set up on my own in 2006 - shifting sectors completely, from tech pr to parenting - and it's been a steep learning curve, but lots of fun. Happy to share ideas if you want to contact me via my website

Incidentally, I found the best way of getting clients is to find a company that you're genuinely passionate about, email them and tell them why you love their company and what you think you could do for them. I've got lots of my clients that way - and it means I genuinely like working for them!

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Wed 10-Feb-10 14:13:52

For anyone who hasn't got started yet, or doesn't have enough work coming in, I thought that I should forward details of this part-time PR opportunity. No good for me, but it looks good!

PR work from home

higgletypigglety Mon 05-Jul-10 00:01:03

Hello all, I've just come across this discussion while searching for information on setting up a PR consultacy as I'm just about to take the plunge.

Katherine2008, carocaro, Florence - any tips they'd be willing to share on starting up successfully? I'd be really interested to hear more about your experience.

Instinctivemum Fri 05-Aug-11 19:47:28

SO ! treasure trove of PR mums ! My friend and I have started a business, great response to initial website and market stalls we've taken.
Trouble is, we're poverty stricken and looking for some PR help - cant afford an agency ( can barely afford beans on toast inspite of having a FULL time job and a DD while trying to make the biz make enough for me to quit my stinky job)
Any kind souls here looking to take us on as a case study ? we could link to each others fb page and mutually support each other ?

if you fancy a challenge, get in touch and i'll send you my details so we can have a proper chat !

many thanks !

escape Sat 06-Aug-11 16:57:27

Hi Instinctive mum - please email me
Thanks x

escape Wed 10-Aug-11 11:28:11

Instinctive mum! please email me again - i've deleted it - DUH, Love the site and have lots of ideas for you x

PrincessScrumpy Thu 18-Aug-11 19:45:52

I worked as a journalist for years and covered ad features, page design and writing. I was made redundant after dd1 was born and took a job in a school which included PR for the school, but I'm expecting twins in 2 weeks and the cost of childcare will be more than my salary. I've thought about going freelance, covering PR and copywriting but I'm terrified of approaching potential customers (which I will have to get over) and have no idea about how to work out what to charge. How do you do this?

mumsfun Sat 20-Aug-11 11:44:28

I set up my own Luxury Travel PR & marketing agency 5 years ago BC and have managed to juggle it whilst having two boys (aged 3 & 18 months now). Its been interesting times and its never easy juggling being a mum & a businesswoman as sometimes you don't feel like you're doing either particularly well....but I love it!!

We are currently looking for a part time travel PR manager so if any of you know anyone let me would be perfect for a working mum. You can see the job spec here

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