maternity allowance and online tax return

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ItNeverRainsBut Thu 17-Dec-09 17:43:59

Sorry if this has been done before, but haven't found it by searching the archives.

I'm doing my tax return online and according to the so-called "help" file I should enter my statutory maternity allowance in Box 14. But in the online form there isn't any indication of which box is box 14. Anyone able to help me out here, is there another way to identify where it goes?

MrAnchovy Fri 18-Dec-09 12:14:48

Its under 'Income', the box titled 'Total of any other taxable State Pensions and benefits'

ItNeverRainsBut Fri 18-Dec-09 17:16:08


MrAnchovy Sat 16-Jan-10 21:20:08

Reading the question again, Box 14 is 'Total of any other taxable State Pensions and benefits', but MA is not taxable - see here - so it looks like the help file is wrong.

If you have already submitted it give them a ring.

MrAnchovy Sat 16-Jan-10 21:38:25

Hmm, the printed version of the tax return help doesn't say you should include Maternity Allowance in Box 14, it says you should enter any Statutory Maternity Pay paid by HMRC there.

SMP is not MA.

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