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MrA - can you see if my site has improved?

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TracyK Thu 12-Nov-09 10:37:53

Thanks MrA - you gave a lot of pointers a few weeks ago regarding the SEO of my clients website

I held off sending them to the webdesigners as they were still 'working' on it and didn't want to piss them off.

Can you see if it's looking any better.

Web designers have said we need to do a regular (weekly?) blog on facebook and twitter. And we were going to offer visitors entry to a free monthly draw if they leave a blog. Worth a try??

MrAnchovy Thu 12-Nov-09 16:39:15

Well it is performing marginally better on Google, but there are still some more easy things that would improve page rank for obvious search terms without blogging or twittering.

So to look at the improvements:

<title> tags are now a bit more relevant so searches for obvious activity/location terms are getting you on the first page (try 'quad biking trossachs' for instance). But you have 'quad biking' in the title like millions of other sites around the world: look at the titles of all the pages above you, they all have 'trossachs' in the title like only a few hundred other sites. Get them both in and you will get No. 1.

The 'site map' page has now encouraged Google to index most of your site more often (most recently on the 7th November), but there are still pages that are not included in the site map - like the 'stag and hen party' page. Not on the site map and, surprise surprise last indexed on 17th October and nowhere on a search for 'stag party aberfoyle'. Get the location in the title, or at least near the top of the page instead of in the copyright footer (what about the wasted space at the top left?), do the site map properly, put the link in robots.txt and you will be in the top three for activity/location keyword pairs.

The text could also do with some improvement: look at the Canoeing page. Not once does it say what loch you can do canoeing on, so it is no surprise that 'canoeing loch ard' doesn't find you even though you are the only people there!

Now to be fair to the web designers, they may say 'but our scope was only the layout of the site, you provided the content' - but somebody needs to do some joined-up thinking. If you want a site that works well for you I suspect that somebody will get pissed off somewhere along the line. The appropriate cliche probably involves omelettes.

My normal rate is £x00 a day but I do do discounts

TracyK Fri 13-Nov-09 08:21:50

Thanks MrA - I shall send you a couple of £x !!

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